At age 7, I began creating animatronic Halloween displays, eventually growing into a production that attracted thousands of visitors each year. My work has been featured on CBS, Fox 25, The Boston Globe, NBC, The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonKiss 108 and other news sources. In October 2017, I was recognized by the Boston Celtics with the "Heroes Among Us" award for community fundraising that accompanied the Halloween display.
From 2014-2017, the Halloween display ran a month-long community fundraising event to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital. Thanks to the generous donations of the community "Halloween Helping Kids" raised nearly $40,000 to support mental health research and suicide prevention. During October 2020, I organized a fundraiser to benefit the Boston Resiliency Fund to support Covid-19 relief efforts, raising over $650 for the city of Boston.
Today, I work at Formlabs as an R&D Engineering Technician. In my spare time, I work on my own personal projects, as well as run a EtsyeBay shop selling custom animatronics to customers.
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