This project was meant to showcase my overall body of work. The goal was to create something that would visually explain my skills and ability when applying for jobs. Every aspect of this animatronic was engineered with the idea that it needs be portable but must capture the attention of the room. Everything is of my own design from the 3D printed skeleton to the stand that it sits on, which also functions as a box for safe and easy transportation.
This project drew from every area of art, design, and technology in my toolbox. It also required me to learn new skills along the way. The Owl has 10 different movements, all controlled by its own servo. Scenes are triggered by pressing one of the large mushrooms, each time it is pressed a different sequence will play. Each of the 8 sequences has its own message and interactive qualities that will be crack a joke or leave you with a bit of wisdom. The controller is Raspberry Pi based which allows easy updating of sequences via a web interface.
From the sculpting of the mushrooms and tree stump, to the feathering and flocking of the owl, and the engineering underneath, I truly believe that my passion and ability is captured within this animatronic. I hope that you enjoy it and share it!
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