Spin Uno: the classic card game turned drinking game.
Spin Uno is played with standard UNO rules on a custom, hand-crafted table, and can be played with 4-8 players. In a game of 8, each player is assigned a number (1-8), while 4 player games use the colors (as seen on the table). When a Draw 4 card is played, the recipient of the penalty must take a drink and spin the wheel. The player facing the arrow after the spin must also drink. An arrow landing on the black section of the table forces all participants to drink.
Additional rules:
 Wild cards may be used to create a new rule or scenario.
When a Swap Hand card is played, the participant playing the card must spin the wheel and switch cards with whomever the wheel lands on; this player must also drink.
Additional rules can be added as the players wish.
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